R resources

Getting Help

  • Google it!: Try Googling generalized versions of any error messages you get. That is, remove text that is specific to your problem (names of variables, paths, datasets, etc.). You’d be surprised how many other people have probably had the same problem and solved it.
  • Stack Overflow: There are over 100,000 questions tagged with “R” on SO. Here are the most popular ones, ranked by vote. Always search before asking, and make a reproducible example if you want to get useful advice. This is a minimal example that allows others who are trying to help you to see the error themselves.
  • Bioconductor Support Site: Like SO, but specifically for Bioconductor-related questions.
  • Read package vignettes. For example, see the dplyr CRAN page, scroll about halfway down to see the introduction to dplyr vignette.

General R Resources

ggplot2 resources

Markdown / RMarkdown resources

RNA-seq resources